What Is A Bobber Motorcycle? (Full Details!)

Last Updated on January 2, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

The Bobber motorcycle is a type of motorcycle that has parts removed to give it a stripped-down, minimalist look. This is basically a customized motorcycle that involves cutting off the excess metal from the fenders to give them a shorter, more streamlined appearance.

Key Takeaways

  • Usually, Bobber motorcycles have a classic, vintage look and they are very popular for simple, raw, and unadorned style
  • If you have a Bobber motorcycle, then you can do custom paint jobs and unique modifications to the engine and suspension
  • You can build a Bobber motorcycle out of an existing motorcycle by removing excess bodywork and other parts to give it a stripped-down look

Bobber Bikes – Pros & Cons

1. Unique and personalized design  
2. An excellent option for a day trip  
3. Customization requires very little money  
4. Wide variety of designs and models of motorcycles
1. A lower level of driving safety  
2. Unsuitable in dangerous weather conditions  
3. Reduced comfort level  
4. Beginner’s modifications could be dangerous

How Do You Make A Bobber Motorcycle?

There is a certain way to get a bobber bike, of course where you need to have the right knowledge to do a good job. Otherwise, you might be removing certain components that should not be removed. Some owners even want to get a bobber bike for some kind of damage or lack of spare parts.

We can mention some common modifications that are made on the vast majority of motorcycles. This way, you will know where to start if you are looking to obtain this type of vehicle. The main modifications are:

1. Shortened front and rear fenders

2. Modified or replaced seat

3. Silencers removed or replaced

4. Handlebar replaced

5. Customized lights included

6. Changing colors and design

7. Modification of the fender

There are some options you may want to consider to modify the fender. Of course, the cheapest option is to shorten the fender that your motorcycle already has. You could also choose to buy a fender with a specific bobber style. Today, there are a lot of bobber-style items that you should consider.

You do not need many tools to modify the fender. Of course, this is a non-engineering job that is not very difficult. Here, it is necessary to keep in mind that this type of modification reduces the price. So, if the owner wants to sell this motorcycle in the future you will not be able to get the original price.

So, by removing the original parts the motorcycle will lose value. At the same time, the owners also can remove the original fenders and sell this piece. This way you can get some money without selling the motorcycle. You will have to decide on the cutting point and check what material the fender is made of.

In this case, a hacksaw could be more than enough. If you have a bigger budget you can use an electric jigsaw cutter. Either of these options is more than enough to cut the fender to a certain height. You should also consider applying a certain finish to prevent rusting. Here, it would be more than enough to incorporate chrome paint in the area that has been uncovered.

Modification of seats

Here it is possible to find the most personalized tastes regarding the seat. The first seats incorporated into a bobber motorcycle were similar to those used by board track racers. These seats used in the early 20th century required a modification that is not easy to apply. So, you should consider this before you begin the modification.

Here, the greatest difficulty lies in the specific design of today’s modern seats. So, both the construction and the design are very different from a bobber seat. Even a pressed steel base is used to manufacture the rest of the seat. Of course, these materials and designs are applied to provide a high level of durability in the seat.

So, the pressures and ribs allow the steel to be thin but also extremely strong. At the same time, you have to take into account that a certain proportion of the torsional strength could be lost. This usually happens when you use a double seat to get a bobber seat. When you cut a double seat, then you can get a single seat that is less strong.

You even need to consider that the back and front of the double seats incorporate location brackets. You will need to have new rear mounting brackets if you decide to remove the entire rear section of the double seats. If you do not want to do all this procedure you can check the bobber seats that are available in the market.

Exhaust system

When users want to apply one of the most common modifications, they choose to remove the silencers. Of course, in a large number of countries or states in the United States, this could be illegal.

In principle, it should be considered that the muffler is responsible for reducing the noise generated by a vehicle engine. So, by removing this component, the noise level generated by the engine is released more easily.

At the same time, performing this procedure can modify at some point the specific operation of the engine. The engine may offer deteriorated performance and poor power. In particular, this happens because the mixture inside the engine leans to one side. Therefore, some minor or serious damage may start to appear in the engine.

Of course, overheating is another serious and very common problem on motorcycles without a muffler. All owners who perform this procedure should check the color of the spark plug, to begin with.

Ideally, a professional mechanic should be hired to make the necessary adjustments to the carburetor. This way, you can get a bobber-style motorcycle without suffering the side effects.

Replacing the Handlebar

Of course, before starting to make this type of modification, the owner must carefully examine the situation. It is necessary to consider that there are a lot of different designs, styles, and types of motorcycle handlebars.

It is even likely that a certain switch wiring will be found inside the handlebar. So, before modifying the handlebar, you should avoid damage to this wiring.

You should also check what the external wiring is so that the switches can be used in the same way. You should also avoid damaging the structural integrity of the bars when making any modifications. Also, many people decide to drill some spare handlebars. Of course, here they encounter some problems while riding.

On the other hand, the cables from the throttle, clutch, and front brake could also be in the handlebar area. So, if you decide to modify or replace the handlebar you could be damaging some of these important cables. It would not be a good idea to run out of brakes without you noticing this modification.

If you have damaged any of these cables, there are cables with specific lengths for each situation. So, you may be able to get a generic replacement or the exact cable for your motorcycle model. Therefore, it would be advisable to check the cables available in the market in case you need to apply for a replacement.

Customization of the lights

Today, on the market there is also a wide variety of customized lights for a large number of cars and motorcycles. Incorporating too many lights into a vehicle could be a problem for the electrical system.

In particular, the amperage required for an excessive number of lights could also be excessive. This could result in the battery becoming discharged much more quickly than usual.

Conversely, removing too many lights or having too little light from your motorcycle could be another problem. In many states, certain lights are required on any vehicle. So, to replace your motorcycle’s lights, you need to consider the exact amount of light your vehicle should have.

One of the most popular options these days is LED lights. However, this is not a very appropriate option for a 100% bobber motorcycle, where owners can enjoy excellent lighting that uses little energy to operate. So, the results are much more beneficial to the detriment of the final design of the motorcycle.

Combination of colors

Finally, the color scheme requires changing the design of your bike. It is usually a simple task to change the color of the side panels of the fender and the fuel tank. Here you need to have the proper knowledge and tools to do a good job.

Otherwise, you would need a custom shop to accurately implement the changes you want. At the same time, the interior of the fuel tank must be completely sealed. Here, the owner must be completely sure of the results he or she wants to achieve. In particular, there are no legal restrictions so your imagination is the limit