Are Kias Good Cars? (The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Explained)

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Yes, Kias are good, reliable cars that are affordable and easy to maintain. According to the J.D Power 2022 US vehicle dependability study, Kia ranked the highest among the mass-market brands. Kia cars come with premium infotainment and comfort features making them worthy.

Key Takeaways

  • Kia cars are reliable, well-built, and are known for their affordability and the number of features they offer for the price
  • All Kia cars come with an impressive 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty which provides peace of mind for buyers
  • Unfortunately, Kia cars have lower resale values compared to other car brands like Toyota, Hyundai, etc.
  • According to many Kia car owners, the engines of Kia cars are underpowered and it affects the performance and acceleration of the car

What Makes Kia Stand Out?

What makes Kia stand out

Kia models stand out for their sporty, functional, and well-made vehicles. Their models come with well-thought-out safety and functionality features making them fun, safe, and comfortable to drive.

The brand also has a reputation for producing affordable yet quality cars. Let’s look at some of the Kias selling points in detail to decipher why the brand is growing in popularity rapidly.


For their quality and performance standards, Kias are pretty affordable. Compared to their competitors, these vehicles come packed with tons of useful features while still maintaining a competitive price.

It is not uncommon to find a Kia costing $1000 less than a model with similar features from a competitor. Below is a comparison of prices between various Kia models and their competitors.

Kia modelMSRP Similar model from a competitor Price 
Kia Sorento$29,490Toyota Highlander$35,205
Kia Telluride $32,790Ford Explorer$33,245
Kia Soul$19,290Nissan Kicks$19,800
Kia Sportage$24,090Subaru Forester$25,395 
Kia Optima $23,390Toyota Camry $25, 295

From the table above, it is clear that Kia is the affordable option in almost every vehicle category. Most of these vehicles have similar features, and in some models, Kia has more advanced safety and infotainment features.

If you are on a budget, Kias are perfect for you since you get affordable cars without compromising quality and features.

Best warranty coverage

Kia comes with one of the best factory warranties; when you buy a new car from this brand, you won’t have to worry about most repair or maintenance costs because the manufacturer already has you covered. A new Kia comes with:

  • 60,000 mile or 5-year bumper-to-bumper warranty
  • 100,000 mile or 10-year powertrain warranty
  • 100,000 mile or 5-year anti-perforation warranty
  • 60,000 mile or 5-year roadside assistance plan 


Most people wonder whether Kias are as reliable as they appear because you already expect a lot even by looking at the features. Kia is very dependable, going by the reviews of customers and different reliability ratings.

J.D Power ranked Kia as the most trustworthy brand in the US in 2022. This is because their models rarely break down; if they do, it is only minor issues that will not interfere with your journey. According to repairpal, Kia has a reliability rating of 4.0 out of 5.0, ranking it 3rd out of all 32 car brands.

Kia has above-average reliability, but it all boils down to how well you care for the car. The longevity and reliability of a car are significantly impacted by how and where you drive, how you take care of the car, and your maintenance schedule. But overall, Kia is a reliable car that can last for years on the road with proper maintenance.

State-of-the-Art Design and Technological Innovations

One thing about Kia is that they will create beautiful designs using concepts of disruption and contrast even when we least expect it. All their models have a stylish interior and ergonomic design that features the latest technological innovations.

Every design has some inspirations, blending in so well to build an eye-catching and well-merged design.

What are the Most reliable Kia Models? 

Most Kia models are reliable and famous, but some do better than others. If you want to buy a reliable Kia model, below are the ones to consider.

Kia Optima

The Kia Optima is an oldie on the brand’s lineup and has seen several upgrades. There was also a time when the model was considered uninteresting and not as reliable, but it has since evolved into the brand’s most reliable model. The latest generation of Kia optima is a great car that will last years with proper care and maintenance. 

Kia Sportage 

This model had been the go-to SUV for years before the Telluride was introduced. It is affordable and easy to maintain a quite reliable model. The model has excellent warranty terms, including a 100,000-mile or 10-year drivetrain warranty. Its design is also an outstanding balance between sleek and sporty, thus giving it the visual appeal it needs

Kia Telluride 

The Kia Telluride is the brand’s latest and best SUV on the market and a pacesetter for all other SUVs. It features a powerful engine, ample seating, and extraordinary technological features.

This model could easily pass for Kia’s best model produced. With Telluride, reliability and longevity are guaranteed.

Is Buying a Used Kia a Good Choice?

Is buying a used Kia a good choice

Many factors will determine the decision on whether to buy a used Kia or not. First, you need background research to ascertain that the one you buy isn’t among those with numerous problems. You also need to check the vehicle’s mileage and how well it was maintained.

 Buying a used Kia is an excellent choice because you will get the car of your dreams at a lower price, and the vehicle you purchase has already been tried and tested. The only downside is you will not get the latest features and technology.


Kias have changed the automotive industry by ensuring anyone can get a stylish and functional car without breaking the bank. Their vehicles are the most reliable you will ever find, and they are suitable for daily driving. If you’ve been dreaming of owning a Kia, don’t hesitate; get one now and enjoy your new car. Happy driving!

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