How Do You Tell If a Ford Car Has a Remote Start?

Last Updated on February 15, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

The best way to find out whether a Ford car has a remote start or not is to check the user manual of the car. Moreover, if your Ford car key comes with a remote start button then it is a clear indication that your Ford car supports remote start.

Key Takeaways

  • If your Ford car’s year model is 2018 or newer then you can access the FordPass app and with this app, you can remotely start your car
  • With the remote start feature, you can easily start your car from your house, office, etc., and keep the engine warm in the cold season
  • When you remote start your engine, the engine will get some extra time to warm up before you start driving which is very important for the engine
  • When you sue the remote start feature, it might take 10 seconds to start the engine

Why is a Ford Remote Start So Special?

Why is a Ford Remote Start So Special

The remote start in modern cars goes beyond unlocking doors and starting your car’s engine remotely. The latest Ford car remote start has added features like adjusting the vehicle’s interior to an acceptable temperature via a button before setting your foot in the car. The remote start is operational from 300 meters away.

3 Ways to Determine if Your Ford Car Has a Remote Start

Many new Ford cars have the luxury of using the remote access system. The system is vital for disabled drivers as it provides them with the operational convenience of triggering most of Ford’s features.

If you arent’ sure whether your car has the luxury of remote start and you are dying to figure it out, kindly do the following: 

Peruse through the Owner’s Manual

Your car’s owner’s manual is the right place to start to determine whether your Ford car has a remote start feature. The manual is a haven for all information regarding your wheels. 

It might be tiresome and boring to peruse numerous pages to determine whether your car has a remote start, but you can cut the chase by checking under the “key fob” content. If your vehicle consists of a remote starter, you will find the information regarding how it works on the manual.

Check the Car’s Key Fob

Suppose your car has a remote start, then the key fob must feature a unique button that triggers remote functions. Look at the key fob closely to determine whether it has a remote start symbol. The symbol is denoted with an arrow with a partial circle.

Note that if your car has a remote starter, you must start by hitting the lock button and follow it by hitting the remote start button twice to trigger a specific function.

Testing the Remote Start

Testing is the final way to determine whether your Ford car comes equipped with a remote starter. You can again consult your car’s owner’s manual to learn how the system operates. However, you must lock the vehicle in most remote starters and click the electrical-control button twice.

How Do You Activate Your Ford Car’s Remote Start?

If you want to use your Ford’s remote start but don’t know how to do it, kindly do the following:

Starting the Ford Vehicle

  • Ensure you press the lock button on your car’s key fob to trigger the door locking function.
  • Double-click the remote start button.
  • Ensure you witness your headlamps flashing twice in response to the remote double-clicking action.
  • Suppose the locking action didn’t work as required; your car’s horn will sound.

Turning Off Your Vehicle

  • Press the button once after remote starting.
  • After pressing the button once, your headlights will automatically turn off.

How to use the Memory Feature

  • If your car has the memory feature, ensure it is preset. Immediately after you activate the remote start, it will adjust the steering column, mirror placement, and sitting positions.

How Do I Use Ford Remote Start Status Feedback?

The function of status feedback is available to Ford vehicles with a remote start system equipped with status feedback. With this feature, you will get real-time feedback concerning the remote’s status of stop and start commands. Here is how the feature functions:

Green Light: If you witness the blinking of the green light, then know the car is waiting for a status update.

Alternatively, if you see solid green, know remote start has succeeded.

Red Light:  Solid light indicates that the remote has successfully stopped the car and the engine is off, whereas blinking red indicates that the remote start or stop has failed.

Can I Use Ford Remote Start when Ford Remote Access Isn’t Working?

Your Ford remote access can fail to function sometimes. Suppose your fob isn’t doing the functions it’s meant to perform, be sure one of the following is the cause of the malfunction:

  • Your car’s hood is open.
  • Your car’s battery is low.
  • The car’s ignition is on.
  • The alarm is triggered already.
  • The remote system is disabled.
  • The service notification light is illuminated.
  • The transmission isn’t in park mode.

For your remote start to regain access to your car’s functionalities, ensure you troubleshoot the above issues.

The FordPass

If you are handling a Ford car for the first time, you could be wondering; what is a FordPass? Well, this is a Ford remote access app used to control your vehicle from afar if it has Ford SYNC® Connect. You can download the FordPass app from the Google store or App store, which doesn’t have monthly subscriptions.

The app can assist you in performing the following tasks on your car:

  • Locking and unlocking your vehicle remotely.
  • Checking fluid and gas levels.
  • Starting and stopping your vehicle remotely.
  • Scheduling a start.

Benefits of a Remote Start in a Ford Car

Benefits of a Remote Start in a Ford Car

The remote start is a heavenly-sent technology that assists Ford users in achieving significant car operations hassle-free. Imagine that you are a disabled driver with no ability to perform some hand-on functions; can’t you embrace a remote start?

Below are the benefits associated with a remote start in your Ford car:

  1. You can start the vehicle while in your house and wait for the heat to warm it before driving off.
  2. The function helps in remotely melting snow ice by running the defroster.
  3. It helps to locate your car quickly in a crowded parking lot. 
  4. It synchronizes your car with your smartphone to quickly locate your vehicle on the phone or monitor its movements if you have given it to your friend.
  5. It enhances your car’s security owing to enhanced alarms and technology.
  6. It helps crank your car’s air conditioner to cool before getting in.

How to Reset Your Ford Remote Start

If you wish to reset your car’s remote start, you can try the following hacks:

  • Try popping the remote on and off.
  • Remove the battery of your remote starter.
  • Wait for 15 seconds before returning the battery and replacing the cover.
  • If it doesn’t work, check the battery. Suppose you have a new battery, replace it with the one in the remote.
  • If the remote is in working condition, you are ready to start the resetting process.
  • Ensure you take all your remote-start fobs and close all the car’s doors while in the driver’s seat.
  • Fit the ignition key and turn it on, minus moving the brake pedal.
  • Hit the lock button on the remote’s car starter and hold it down for a second.
  • Turn the ignition key off.
  • Repeat the on-off pattern three more times.
  • Press the lock button and hold it. Turn the ignition key off within ten seconds of turning it to the on mode for the 4th time.
  • Remove the key from the ignition, step out of the vehicle, and close the doors. While outside, test whether the remote start is reset. If it isn’t, repeat the procedure. If the issue stays unresolved after repeating the process, it is time to try troubleshooting or request expert help.


A key fob is a critical device in your Ford car. This device does not only let you start your car remotely, but it also enables you to remotely execute numerous tasks, such as cranking the air conditioner from 300 meters away. But how do you check whether your key fob has a remote control? Simple, just test the key fob!

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