What Size Plow For Tacoma (Toyota Truck)

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The best size plow for newer Tacoma models is between 78 and 88 inches. To be specific, your plow should be broader than your truck’s width by around 8 inches, 2 inches at the least. So, for example, a 2021 Toyota Tacoma 4WD Limited Double will need an 83.2-inch plow. It’s because its width is 75.2 inches.

Key Takeaways

  • While buying a plow for Tacoma, you should consider the weight and power of the truck, type of plow, etc.
  • A common plow size for a Toyota Tacoma is 7.5-8 feet but you should consult with a plow manufacturer or dealership to find the best plow that suits your requirements
  • Before buying a plow you have to ensure that the plow model fits your Toyota Tacoma model and year
  • You have to ensure that the plow has a compatible mounting system for your truck

Here’s A Table That Shows Estimates Of Size Plow For A Few Tacoma Models:

Size Plow For Tacoma
YearTacoma TrimWidth(Inches, n)Size Plow(Inches, n + 8)
20082WD Regular72.280.2
20092WD Access72.280.2
20102WD Double70.178.1
20114WD Regular74.682.6
20124WD Access74.682.6
20134WD Double74.682.6
20142WD Regular72.280.2
20154WD Access74.682.6
20162WD Double74.482.4
2017TRD Off-Road75.283.2
2018SR Access74.482.4
20192WD TRD Sport75.283.2
20202WD Access74.482.4
20214WD Limited Double75.283.2

CarsAmazing 101:

If you’re unsure about your truck’s width, check its specs on Car and Driver.

When you see the width detail, add 8 inches.

What You Get Should Be The Size Plow For Your Tacoma.

In this article, you’ll get the info you need before buying a snowplow. Also, you’ll know if plowing can ruin your truck. Then, you’ll get tips on how to plow with your Toyota Tacoma. See yourself till the end for that and much more!

What To Know Before Buying A Snow Plow For Your Toyota Tacoma

As you pick a plow for your Tacoma, size isn’t the only thing you should focus on. Other features, like type, weight, the material of make, and ease of use, are crucial. This section opens you up to those features in detail:

1. Plow Type

Manufacturers provide different plow designs depending on the various applications. The two main types include:

a) Straight plows

b) V-plows

If you’re looking for something affordable, go for a straight plow. But, it won’t be as efficient as a V-plow.

Besides, a V-plow directs snow better than a straight plow. So, for example, you will find it easy to slice through frozen snow with a V-plow.

So, a V-plow is more efficient and does the job better, but it will cost more. If you’re okay with a non-adjustable plow, go straight.

2. Plow Weight

Your Toyota Tacoma needs to accommodate the plow, so don’t take anything too heavy. An important detail to look at is the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, or GVWR, measured in pounds. The heavier the GVWR is, the wider and heavier the plow blade can be.

For example, the GVWR of the 2018 Toyota Tacoma SR Access Double Can is 5600 lbs. In contrast, that of the 2010 2WD Regular is 4600 lbs. So, the 2018 SR Access can take up a heavier blade because it has 1000 lbs. more in GVWR.

If you use a plow that’s too heavy, here’s what could happen:

a) Your brakes’ efficiency may diminish

b) You may stress your Tacoma’s suspension and front axle

So, ensure you choose a plow that won’t reduce your car’s lifetime.

3. Plow Material

Here are the materials that manufacturers use to make plows:

a) Polyethylene

b) Mild steel

c) Stainless steel

The industry’s mainstay is steel, but polyethylene is coming up. Over time, manufacturers have found polyethylene a better option. While steel will rust and corrode, the moldboard of a polyethylene plow won’t.

Also, the snow rolls off fast on a polyethylene plow blade than it does on a steel one. With a steel plow, snow will stick for a while before it detaches.

The only caveat with polyethylene plows is their weight. While many people see them as lighter than steel, they are heavier. The extra weight is because of the steel reinforcement behind the moldboard.

If rust and corrosion don’t worry you, get a steel plow for your Tacoma. It will last for a reasonable period and will serve those winters well.

4. Plow Ease Of Use

Wintertime is usually rough. So, you want a plow that will stay intact to deal with the grime, salt, ice, sleet, and snow. It will need you to check the plow’s attachment systems.

Go for a plow that you can attach fast and begin the job. But, if the attachment instructions are too technical to understand, don’t buy.

Also, another feature of convenience is lighting and controls. Does the plow come with lights? If you wish to plow at night, you need to see well.

About controls, you want something easy to use. The plow should have a joystick for positioning and a few buttons. Your plowing experience shouldn’t have any hiccups because of complex plowing controls.

Tips For Snow Plowing With Your Tacoma

Now that you’re ready to buy a plow, here are essential pointers before getting to work:

1. Confirm whether your Toyota Tacoma can take on plowing.

2. Learn the basics from the given manual or an instructional video.

3. Get an expert to help you learn.

4. Ensure that your Tacoma’s towing capacity can accommodate the plow.

5. Practice in lighter snow.

6. Know the impact of the plow on your truck.

CarsAmazing 101:

Snow plowing will be better if your Tacoma is a 4WD.

While a 2WD can get the job done, it may stick in the snow during plowing.

Does Plowing Ruin Your Truck

Yes, it can. Plowing puts your Tacoma truck at risk of transmission damage. When you plow without caution, you are likely to overheat the transmission fluid.

So, to avoid ruining your truck, have these tips in mind:

1. Avoid plowing in overdrive.

2. When you plow, ensure you maintain a forward pattern.

3. Before you speed up, let the transmission engage.

4. Slow your speed to allow tires to gain traction over the snowy road.

5. Do not spin the tires.

6. While plowing, avoid riding the clutch (manual transmission).

7. After plowing, rest the car for about 10 minutes. It allows the transmission time to cool.

8. Check the transmission fluid using an inline transmission gauge.

9. Change your Tacoma’s transmission fluid before and during the winter season.

When you follow those tips, your transmission will last longer. That way, you won’t have to incur extra maintenance and repair bills.


If you’ve read through, you’re ready to buy a plow and clear the snow. Remember to check whether your Toyota Tacoma can accommodate a plow. If not, you’re running the risk of transmission damage. So, keep in mind all the given tips.

It is necessary to plow snow during winter, so perfect it. By buying an excellent plow, you’ll clear the snow and maintain your truck’s integrity. All the best plowing!

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