How Long And Wide Is A Pickup Truck? (Accurate Measurements!)

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Well, most pickup trucks are 15 – 20 feet long and 6 – 8 feet wide. The height of a pickup truck can vary but the average height ranges from 6-7 feet. Currently, the Ford Ranger is the most popular pickup truck on the market and it is 1867 mm wide and 5,359 mm long.

Key Takeaways

  • There are quite a few types of pickup trucks available like full-size pickup trucks, midsize pickup trucks, mini pickup trucks, hybrid pickup trucks, heavy-duty pickup trucks, etc.
  • The average dimension of full-size pickup trucks is 220.8 inches in length, 80.9 inches in width, and 75.9 inches in height
  • The average dimension of mid-size pickup trucks is 210 inches in length, 75 inches in width, and 70 inches in height
  • The average dimension of mini pickup trucks is 150 inches in length, 66 inches in width, and 70 inches in height

Length And Width Of Some Popular Pickup Trucks

Pickup TruckLongWide
SsangYong Musso

Mitsubishi L200

Volkswagen Amarok

Isuzu D-Max

Nissan NP300 Navara

Toyota Hilux

Mercedes-Benz X

Ford Ranger

Renault Alaskan
5,095 mm

5,225 mm

5,254 mm

5,340 mm

5,330 mm

5,330 mm

5,340 mm

5,359 mm

5,399 mm
1,950 mm

1,815 mm

1,954 mm

1,920 mm

1,850 mm

1,855 mm

1,920 mm

1,867 mm

1,850 mm

How Long Is A Long Bed Truck?

In these times, pickup trucks are available in different versions and models. It’s one of the main vehicles that have gained great popularity among many people. Therefore, both the length and width of a pickup truck are important aspects in choosing a new driver.

In particular, the boxes of the pickup trucks represent one of the most important parts of this type of vehicle. It is a vehicle that is mostly used to transport heavy loads or to tow other vehicles. In general, it is possible to find van boxes in three main sizes. These sizes are long boxes, standard boxes, and short boxes.

Each of these truck box sizes is specifically adapted to the different needs of the users. So, people who require a large amount of transportation capacity will probably need a long box van. Conversely, those who enjoy driving to transport passengers with this vehicle may not need such a long box.

In the latter cases, a standard-size box van or a short box van may be more than sufficient. For you to have the possibility of knowing which is the best option for your needs, we should mention how long each of these van boxes is. This is an important aspect to take note of because it helps many buyers to decide.

In most cases, a long truck box design can provide 8 feet in length. In the same vein, a standard design truck bed can provide approximately 6 feet 5 inches in length. Next to that, a truck box with a short design only provides 5 feet 8 inches long on many occasions.

Of course, all of these measurements are approximate and based on the average of what most pickup trucks offer. So, depending on each truck manufacturer and brand, the lengths may vary by a few inches. Other features such as the width of some trucks may also change depending on the make and model.

1. Understanding The Different Boxes Of Pickup Trucks

To be able to choose the best truck according to the length and width, it is necessary to consider exactly the design of the box that it includes. Among the main decisions you should make, we can mention the following:

1. Four-Wheel Drive Or Two-Wheel Drive

2. Heavy Duty Or Light Duty

As we have mentioned, a pickup truck is usually chosen because of its robust design and its great capacity and power. In particular, light-duty pickup trucks can provide efficient payload capacity. In these cases, you will be able to obtain a load capacity that can vary from 1,500 pounds to 3,000 pounds.

In the same way, these trucks can provide a transport capacity that reaches 12,000 pounds. This is one of the most common designs of pickup trucks that can be found on the street. Also, the payload or towing needs of the average person can be met exactly with one of these trucks.

Other heavy-duty pickup models include the 2,500 and 3,500 series. In this case, the towing capacity can be up to 20,000 pounds while the payload is between 6,500 pounds. So, people who need to transport goods and heavy equipment need rugged trucks that can provide this solution.

Sometimes the trucks are built as a single body. Unibody construction means a vehicle as one solid piece. So, different box and cab options are not included here.

On the other hand, most of today’s options are known as conventional vans. Here, a connection to the same frame is required since the two separate parts are the cab and the box. That’s why the design of this construction allows us to customize the length of the box or the dimensions of the cabin.

2. Choosing The Best Truck Bed

A person decides to buy a pickup truck because they need to somehow use the truck’s box. This is the main reason why many people decide to buy a new pickup truck these days. It is even necessary to mention that this type of space can be used for a wide variety of needs.

In general, people need this space to transport different equipment, merchandise, agricultural work, and many other activities. Just as the activities are very different from each other, the needs on a certain pickup truck box are also very different. People do not need the same size van box for any activity.

A truck box that is too long can be a waste for many people. In the years when people bought these trucks for work purposes, most models included an 8-foot platform. Today, work purposes have changed considerably due to the wide variety of economic activities of these times.

Along with this, today it is also possible to find different sizes of truck bed. Sometimes, a truck bed with a short 5-foot 8-inch design is more than enough depending on the activities a person must perform. On the other hand, many drivers still need truck boxes with a long 8-foot design.

To choose the best pickup truck with the right box size, you should consider what your real needs are. Here, too, it is equally important to calculate both the length and width of a given pickup truck. In this way, you will be able to know exactly what the real capacity of a pickup truck can provide in this rear.

3. Choosing The Best Pickup Truck Cabin

The size and design of the truck are very important factors to consider before buying. Just as with the van’s box, the cabin should be chosen according to personal preferences. In this case, the cabin is one of the most important parts since it contributes to the transport of passengers. So, we can include some important features:

1. Number Of Seats

2. Types Of Doors

3. Number Of Doors

Additionally, we can also find four main cabin designs. Of course, the truck bed you choose can determine one of these cabin types. You will be able to choose a pickup truck with:

1. Standard Or Normal Cab

2. Extended Cabin

3. Double Cabin

4. Crew Cab

When it comes to a pickup truck with a classic design, you get a row of seats and a traditional two-door style. In this case, it is a standard or regular cabin that is included in the cheaper vans. Here the cargo space is not very important and the cabin provides a transport capacity for three passengers.

On the other hand, 4-door vans are based on an extended cabin. In this case, a rear hinge is incorporated along with the rear doors. So, this means a backward opening. In this sense, after the front door is opened on the same side, the rear doors can be opened.

In general, this type of van provides additional cargo space or access to a small row of seats. That’s why rear-hinged doors are included in these vans.

To have comfortable seats, a greater amount of space is needed. This is where the double cabs of today’s pickup trucks come in. While the rear doors are smaller than the front doors, each of these doors opens normally.

Besides, the front seat area is larger compared to the space in the rear seats. Beyond that, a double cabin provides a greater amount of interior space for all passengers in the vehicle. Thus, the person who does not need a large capacity for transportation in the truck box can opt for this cabin design.

Finally, the pickup trucks that can offer the most interior space are those with crew cabs. In this case, these cabins are very similar to double cabs. The most important difference is that crew cabins provide rear seats with more legroom.

One of the major differences that many people do not consider is that the rear doors are bigger in crew cabins than in double cabins. So, when it comes to transporting passengers, the latter option is usually the most recommended of all. Of course, you can get a short van box.

When people know exactly what their needs are, they can choose the right truck bed and cab. Sometimes it is preferable to choose the best cabin for better capacity and comfort of the passengers. For work purposes a good-sized van box is necessary.