Are Kia Parts Expensive? Find Out Today

Last Updated on February 16, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

Kia parts are affordably priced and cheaper than those from other automakers. Before you buy a new car, it is essential to consider the availability and affordability of spare parts. This way, you know whether you can afford unexpected repairs and estimate the model’s ownership costs.

Key Takeaways

  • Kia has an estimated annual repair cost of around $474, which is less than the average vehicle maintenance cost of $652
  • The exact cost of a Kia part depends on the type of part, the model and age of the Kia vehicle, the used or new vehicle, etc.
  • Parts like brake pads, air filters, and spark plugs are cheaper for Kia brands compared to other brands
  • Kia parts are readily available both OEM and aftermarket; in fact, most auto shops have all types of Kia parts at fair prices

How Much Do Kia Parts Cost?

How much do Kia parts cost

The cost of Kia parts varies depending on the model and whether you choose OEM or aftermarket parts. OEM parts are more costly but last longer and fit more accurately than aftermarket parts. This section looks at the cost of various Kia parts. We shall look at the most popular Kia parts and focus only on OEM parts and their prices.

Car partsKia parts price rangeAverage cost for other brands
A/C Compressor$150-$300$195- $740
A/C Condenser$420-$500$585-$773
Air filter$17-$30$28-$35
Axle assembly $420- $560$137-$600
Brake Caliper $60-$100$90-$150
Ball joint $18-$30$20-$100
Alternator $165-$200$130-$500
Catalytic converter $500-$900$400-$2000
Fog and driving light bulb$18-$30$25-$40
Front brake pads$60-$100$115-$300
Front brake rotors$50-$120$30-$75
Front wheel bearing $78-$150$120-$200
Fuel pump$90-$150$95-$854
Low beam headlight bulb$50-$60$69-$79
Idler pulley$30-$60$40-$90
Oil filter $15-$20$20-$30
Oxygen sensor$50-$100$20-$100
Rear brake pads$50-$60$35-$150
Rear brake rotors$50-$100$30-$75
Spark plugs $10-$80$16-$100
Serpentine belt$25-$50$25-$75
Starter $150-$300$50-$350
Wiper blades$20-$30$15-$26

The table shows that Kia parts have lower-than-average costs. These costs make the overall maintenance and repairs of Kia significantly cheaper than other car brands. Anyone can afford to buy and maintain a Kia because it has an impressive warranty. Even when a warranty doesn’t cover a repair, buying parts and paying for the service is affordable.

Are Kia Parts Hard to Find?

No, Kia parts are readily available both OEM and aftermarket. Most auto shops stock them at fair prices, but consider getting parts from the Kia dealer in your area if you want a good bargain. Going to a dealer will also guarantee genuine parts that are best for your vehicle and will last longer without needing replacement.

How Much is the Maintenance Cost for Kia

How much is the maintenance cost for Kia

Kia is known for making reliable, affordable vehicles; their models require significantly less maintenance than other vehicles. According to RepairPal, Kias visit the repair shop two times less than the average car for unscheduled maintenance (0.2 times a year). Of the few visits, only 10% can be considered severe, and they cost less than the average rate for most cars.

The Maintenance cost of a Kia varies depending on the model, driving behavior, mileage, and condition of the car. However, you can estimate how much you will likely spend on maintenance annually. On average, Kia costs $474 per year for standard maintenance.

Let’s look at the average annual maintenance cost of the popular Kia models.

Kia Optima

 The Kia optima is the best model on a tight budget because it is reliable but affordable to maintain. Owners only visit a repair shop 0.2 times per year on average and incur an annual maintenance cost of $355.

Kia Soul

The Kia Soul is a subcompact SUV that is also very affordable to maintain, with costs being less than the average for vehicles in its class. The average annual cost of maintenance and unscheduled repairs for Kia Soul is $437, while the standard for subcompact SUVs is $466. The cost may vary depending on the vehicle’s age, mileage, and driving location, but the prices are still very manageable.

Kia Sorento 

The Sorento is a hybrid mid-size SUV with average maintenance costs; with this model, you can expect to spend $463 per year on maintenance and unscheduled repairs. Owners expect to visit a repair shop 0.3 times per year on average for repairs that aren’t considered severe. 

Kia Forte

The Kia Forte is a compact car with above-average reliability ratings and affordable maintenance costs. With this model, you won’t make multiple trips to the repair shops, and you will only spend around $553 per year on maintenance. That is a small but worthy price for a reliable car in its class.

What is the Kia Maintenance schedule?

What is the Kia Maintenance schedule

When you buy a new car, an owner’s manual details how often you need to service your vehicle. But let’s be honest, who takes their time to read through those pages? Well, we did it for you.

To keep your Kia functioning in an optimal state, you need to visit a dealer every 7,500 miles for routine maintenance; at every visit, the technician will check on different components, so it is crucial to keep up with them.

Are you curious about what happens at every visit and how much you expect to spend? Let’s get to it.

Mileage Service Approximate cost
After every 7,500 milesOil and filter replacement, tire rotation, fluid leak, and safety inspection that involves: a visual check on brakes, belts, and hoses $250 to $350
After every 15,000 miles Tire rotation, oil change, replacement of engine air filter and cabin air filters if needed, brake pad replacement when needed, search for fluid leaks$340-$400
After every 22,500 milesOil filter and oil change, potential tire and brake pad replacement$279-$315
After every 30,000 milesTransmission fluid, engine coolant, and brake fluid replacement replace the air filter and spark plugs$400- $470
After every 40,000 milesOil and filter change, tire rotation, and service recalls$76-$84

Other Kia Maintenance and Repairs Plus their Cost

Other than the manufacturer-recommended service, your car might need other unscheduled repairs. Please look at some of the most common services and their cost estimate for better planning.

Kia serviceWhen neededEstimated costpurposeDIY/ call professional
Oil change 5,000 to 7,500 miles$30-$60Removes excess dirt and grime from the engine wallsCan DIY with the right tools
Tire replacement Every 6 years$100-$300To prevent the risk of skidding, especially in wet weather Call a professional for wheel balancing
Windshield replacement When the crack is visible and interferes with your driving, $350To prevent any accident that’s caused by impaired visionCall a professional
Alternator replacement When needed$750-$840Recharge the battery as the car is movingCall a professional 

Final word

Kia is among the most reliable brands in the automotive industry today. They are known for making quality and durable cars that are affordable and easy to maintain. Kia parts are also cheap and readily available, making the cost of repairs and maintenance affordable. If you wondered whether Kia parts are expensive, you now have your answer.