Transport Motorcycle By Train

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In several countries, it is possible to transport a motorcycle on a train. However, not all sizes of motorcycles can be transported on every train. If you live in the USA, then you can transport a motorcycle by train through Amtrak’s Motorcycle Shipping Services.

How to Transport Motorcycle By Train in the USA

If you are wondering how you can transport your motorcycle in the USA then follow the below steps –

  • First, you should contact Amtrak’s Motorcycle Shipping Services by calling 1-800-USA-RAIL
  • You can also visit Amtrak’s Motorcycle Shipping Services official website to contact with them
  • Now make a reservation for your motorcycle
  • Next, make ready your motorcycle for transportation; remove all the loose items like mirrors, saddlebags, etc. from your bike and then pack it
  • After that, you have to deliver the motorcycle to the Amtrak station
  • You should keep in mind that, you must drop off the motorcycle at the station on the day of your scheduled shipment
  • On the delivery date, you have to receive the motorcycle from the destination station

Transport Motorcycle By Train In Europe

Main Starting PointsFeatures
Paris, FranceIt is possible to travel from Paris to Marseille, Perpignan, Avignon, Fréjus, Nice, and Toulon.
The vehicle must be inspected and the keys handed over to the railroad personnel.
In this case, the vehicles travel in a separate train from the passengers.
Costs start from $99 for one-way trips
Reservations can be made up to 6 months before train departure
Düsseldorf, GermanyFrom 328 euros, it is possible to travel with a motorcycle to Verona with Urlaubs-Express
It is possible to travel from Innsbruck to Italy such as Verona.
With Optima Tours, it is possible to travel from Villach in southern Austria to Edirne in Turkey
Here, the costs can range from 650 euros up to 1,250 euros, and 32 hours of travel
Today, there are no other rail services in Europe that offer motorcycle transportation 

How To Transport A Motorcycle By Train?

In a large number of countries, people need to transport a motorcycle using a train. In most cases, this is necessary because the motorcycle has a small or medium engine. So, to save time and fuel consumption people need to combine these two kinds of transport. Some trains even allow the transport of different goods.

You can transport different goods and objects as a package or as luggage. Luggage is all those objects that you can transport and carry with you while you are traveling. So, in most cases, it is necessary to transport a motorcycle as a package. In turn, the railway authorities can implement certain requirements.

In some cases, it is not possible to transport a motorcycle at short distances or on daily trains. Therefore, it will be necessary to verify the type of train and each of the requirements necessary to be able to transport a motorcycle. In this sense, some trains can implement a certain car for the transport of bicycles and motorcycles.

Therefore, those people who have a normal size bicycle can be transported as luggage. However, in the case of a motorcycle, it is necessary to use the packaging option. This usually happens since it is a more valuable object than a bicycle. There the risk is that a motorcycle has an engine and fuel.

So, the packaging specifically ensures that the motorcycle can travel safely with the other passengers. Additionally, all train options and rail authorities will request the necessary vehicle documentation. Of course, this is done to prevent motorcycle theft and misuse.

Some of the important documents are the latest insurance documents and everything related to it, as well as the registration certificate and driver’s license.

In many cases, it is requested that the gas tank be completely emptied to start the transport of the vehicle. As we have mentioned, this is done to avoid any kind of fire accident with this inflammable liquid.

In general, it is advisable to make a reservation before using a train to transport a motorcycle. This way you will have the necessary time to pack the motorcycle correctly. So, the motorcycle should be packed together with the driver’s helmet. Once you have established a reservation, you will have to wait several hours before the motorcycle is packed.

This is a similar procedure to the one that is usually done in any airport with luggage. In the same way, most of the railway authorities of the countries provide a certain amount of hours so that you can pick up the vehicle at the destination. To be able to do a complete job, it is advisable to follow some steps and rules.

1. Transporting A Motorcycle By Train As A Package

In most cases, it is a simple procedure that many people perform in a few minutes. Therefore, the following steps may be useful since it is usually the same procedure in different countries.

First, you should go to the package counter or information area at the train station from which you wish to travel. In this way, you will be able to find out if you can transport your motorcycle on a train.

You can also ask about the charges you will have to pay for transporting the vehicle. Also, the time of departure and arrival is as important as the time you will have to be there before the time of departure with the vehicle.

If you make a reservation, you must have each of the documents requested. Once you have consulted if it is possible to transport your motorcycle on the train, you will be informed about the corresponding requirements.

It may be crucial to attach photocopies along with all the necessary documentation. Of course, you must also have the original documents in addition to the photocopies.

Once you have handed in all the required documentation, the vehicle will be inspected. Usually, the gas tank is inspected to see if it is empty. This is a rigorous inspection, which means that you must make sure that the gas tank is empty. 

Besides, the railroad personnel may pack your motorcycle, or in some cases, you may have to pack it yourself. Many users claim that packing by railroad personnel can cost some money. So, you may want to save some money by doing the work yourself.

When the packaging is complete, you may need to fill out the appropriate form mentioning each of the trip details. Here, you will be asked for details of the driver of the vehicle, the cost of the package, the engine of the vehicle, as well as the chassis number.

The amount of data to be included here may vary depending on the different rail services in the countries that offer this possibility.

2. Transporting A Motorcycle By Train As Luggage

In general, the procedure is very similar when a motorcycle is allowed to be transported as luggage. You should also know the requirements that your motorcycle must meet to be transported without being a package. Moreover, it is a matter of delivering the corresponding documentation and packing it appropriately.

To receive the motorcycle package, you must keep the baggage receipt and the train ticket endorsement. In most countries, these two requirements are usually the most important. That is why it is really necessary to keep these two items completely safe.

To avoid loss of the vehicle, you must make sure you are on the same train. Otherwise, it will be much more difficult to recover your motorcycle at your destination. It is also necessary to check that the motorcycle is being transported and loaded safely.

Once you have arrived at your destination, you should immediately go to the luggage office. In this case, you must have the luggage endorsement and the original ticket, or the papers requested in this office.

In this way, you will be able to check which is your vehicle to pick it up. It could also happen that there is no luggage office but your vehicle is delivered somewhere else.

Besides, it is necessary to know that you cannot store the gasoline of your motorcycle in a bottle and take it with you on a train. The railway authorities of all countries prohibit the transport of flammable or dangerous substances such as gasoline. 

Therefore, you should check if it is possible to get the gasoline somewhere near the destination train station. Also, it is always possible to ask a family member or friend for help with some gasoline.

How Much Does It Cost To Transport A Bike On A Train?

In general, the cost of transporting a motorcycle by train can vary greatly. Besides, it is necessary to consider the train service and the country in which it is located.

Some of these services that are established in Europe can start from 99 euros and go up to 1,250 euros for a passenger and a motorcycle. However, in these cases, the motorcycle travels safely on a different train than the passengers.

On the other hand, in India, this service is also provided to transport a motorcycle on a train. In these cases, costs can start at 150 rupees and go up to 300 rupees. In some special cases, the costs may increase depending on the size of the motorcycle

The total weight of the luggage or materials to be packed is usually taken into consideration here. Along with this, the second variable that is taken into account is the total distance that the passenger must travel. Of course, as the trip is longer or the luggage is heavier, the costs may also increase.