Why Are Fj Cruisers So Expensive?

Last Updated on February 12, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

The price of a Toyota FJ cruiser ranges between $14,000 and $30,500, depending on the model year and trim. Compared to other vehicles of its class, this is quite expensive for most people. The price of the FJ cruiser can be owed to its durability, reliability, and unique construction.

Key Takeaways

  • Fj Cruisers have low production numbers compared to market demand and it is one of the main reasons for the increased price
  • Fj Cruisers have the excellent build quality and the added durability and capability come at a premium price
  • Fj Cruisers are specially designed for off-road use and it contributes to their high demand and an inflated price
  • Fj Cruisers have a large aftermarket support and customization that contributes to the vehicle’s high price

Reasons Why The Fj Cruiser Is Expensive

Why The Fj Cruiser Is Expensive

Below, we have discussed why the FJ cruiser is expensive and subsequently the most expensive used car in the market today. The FJ cruiser is one car that behaves strangely since its value does not depreciate as fast as the other cars. It can hold its value for up to 91% in 3 years. Read on to understand why.

1. Limited Availability 

These cars are not easily available as Toyota Motor Corporation discontinued its production. The people who have it do not want to sell it because of its rarity in the market. For this, anyone who is selling it will take advantage and quote a higher price than if the car was easily available in the market. It is just the concept of supply and demand, in that supply is limited, but demand is high. 

2. Higher Resale Value

The resale value of this Toyota car model is higher than others. Some of the reasons are that Toyota is built to last and has limited availability. Most Toyota cars have a higher resale value compared to other car brands. Toyota builds strong cars with good engines and low repair costs, making the resale value high. Aside from that, the Toyota FJ cruiser is no longer produced and is limited in the market. This makes the supply less than demand, thus increasing the resale value. You can get the RJ cruiser being sold at a higher price when used than it was new.

3. Exterior Construction 

The exterior construction of this vehicle is tough. It is made for off-road, and you can comfortably And confidently drive it anywhere. This model has original manufacturer equipment enabling it to withstand tough conditions. Such cars are made for off-road racing and rock crawling. This increases the selling price of this car.

4. Design

The exterior design of the FJ cruiser is unique, with some of the models having a white roof design. This is an added advantage during sunny days as it reflects sunlight, thus preventing heat from building up in the cabin. The interior of the car has matching colors. It has clam-shell doors, otherwise known as ‘suicide doors,’ unique to this model. However, this door is not liked because it makes getting into the back seat difficult. 

5. Engine

The engine of this car is a 4.0-liter V6 engine that is present in the modern Toyota 4runner. It is durable and can go up to 500,000 miles in some cases. This has earned its popularity and reselling it will be easy. It has a horsepower of 260 and 271 lbs of torque.

This car also can tow up to 5000 pounds. How impressive is this for a small SUV such as this? This will enable you to tow anything and work well, even on rough roads. If you are a sporty person, you will certainly love this car. Without worry, you can tow your kayak, canoe, or other sporting equipment.

6. Reliable 

Toyota is known to manufacture reliable cars. They rarely need repairs, and when they do, it is relatively cheap. However, since the production of this car model stopped, most of the market is used to having one or two issues requiring regular maintenance. This model, if well-maintained, can last a long time without any mechanical hitches.


Toyota FJ Cruiser Disadvantages

We have seen the reasons why the Toyota FJ Cruiser is popular. As we know, anything with advantages has disadvantages, and this one is no different. Below, we have discussed some of the disadvantages of this car. This car has mechanical problems that may need repair from a licensed mechanic. Some of these problems are not easy to diagnose; no wonder you should visit a licensed mechanic to get a proper diagnosis. Repairing this model is relatively cheaper, rating at $506 yearly, compared to $573 of other mid-size SUVs.

1. Shuddering Engine

A shuddering engine was noted in some of the 2007 FJ models when driving below 20-40 mph. Sometimes you may hear rattling noises under the vehicle. The problem with replacing a rattling engine is that finding spare parts is difficult since Toyota discontinued this model. However, you can go to a qualified mechanic who will help you understand the real cause of a shuddering engine because it may have many causes, like broken motor belts. Also, a qualified mechanic may help you find spare part from similar businesses.

2. Loose Footrest Pedal

Models between 2007 and 2012 were reported to have this issue. Some drivers have had pedal clips braking off and dodging into the brake pedal. This may become a safety issue if left unaddressed. 

3. Drive Train Issues

Son of the models of 2014 had drivetrain vibration problems. Complaints said that their vehicles produced excess noise on the road, yet they had less than 10,000 miles on the odometer. Another reason why your drivetrain may vibrate excessively is misaligned angles. If your drive train vibrates excessively, you should visit a licensed mechanic to diagnose your problem properly. 

3. Shaky Steering Wheel

The 2013 models have been reported to have the issue of a shaky steering wheel. When driving at 60-70 mph, the steering wheel may shimmy by as much as 2 inches. One of the other reasons that can cause a shaky steering wheel is bad wheel bearings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section will go through some of the questions that you may be asking yourself, yet we have not covered them in the article. These are some of the questions that most people have concerning the FJ cruiser.

1. How Many Miles Can The FJ Cruiser Manager?

The FJ cruiser can manage up to 250,000 miles without any mechanical issues, as long as it is regularly maintained as required. It can get to 300,000 miles with just a few cosmetic problems. If well taken Care of, you can use this car for up to 500,000 miles. It is strong, and what it needs is good Care and maintenance.

2. Can You Buy The FJ Cruiser?

The production of this car was stopped, and you cannot get a brand new one in the market today. If you want that much, you can get a used one.

3. How Much Does The FJ Cruiser Cost?

The FJ cruiser costs between $25,000 and $50,000, depending on the model and year of manufacture. The urgency will also be a factor to ensure that you don’t sound too desperate when negotiating.

4. Why Was The Toyota FJ Cruiser Discontinued?

The Toyota FJ cruiser was produced for several years, from 2005 to 2014. In Japan, however, production of this car continued up to 2017. The production was discontinued, unfortunately, for the following reasons;

1. 2008 recession

The 2008 recession resulted in plummeting sales and reduced profit for the FJ Cruiser. Toyota uniquely produced this vehicle for off-road purposes. But the recession could not allow them to continue with production because production cost was more with less profit.

2. Competition

While Toyota was manufacturing the FJ cruiser, they tried cutting costs. They cut costs in the cabin, allowing competitors to boast about how they don’t cut costs. This gave their competitors an upper hand.

3. Increased Gas Prices

With the recession came an increase in the prices of gas. This affected the motor industry, and Toyota was also affected. This led to reduced sales of the FJ cruiser as fewer people were interested in buying it.

Take away

Toyota stands out in the production of vehicles. They have it all figured out, and their cars are among the most reliable you can get in the market today. FJ Cruiser is one of its models, is no different. Being discontinued due to the above reasons did not reduce its popularity. It only increased the resale price. This is a good model, and anyone who loves off-road vehicles will love driving one.