Why Is Toyota Venza Discontinued?

Last Updated on February 9, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

The Toyota Venza is a midsize crossover SUV that accommodates five passengers designed for the North American market. The original model was released in 2008 and ended in 2015 due to deteriorating sales and changes in consumer preferences. However, Toyota is returning a second generation of the Venza, starting with the 2021 model.

Key Takeaways

  • The Toyota Venza was discontinued mainly because it struggled to gain popularity among consumers which lead to slow sales
  • The Toyota Venza faced stiff competition from crossover SUVs and failed to win the battle
  • People were looking for larger, more traditional SUVs and trucks
  • The Toyota Venza lacked unique selling propositions and according to many experts it was quite similar to other Toyota models

Reasons Why Toyota Venza Was Discontinued

The production of U.S. Toyota Venza models ended in 2015 June, while that of export models ended in 2017. According to Toyota, the first-generation Toyota Venza was discontinued for three reasons: deteriorating sales, customer preference, and competitiveness within the segment. 

1. Deteriorating Sales

The first-generation Toyota Venza began production in November 2008 at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky. The projected sales for the model were between 75,000 and 100,000 units per year, but those targets were barely met. When the sales kept deteriorating, Toyota decided to discontinue the model. Below is a table showing the number of Venza vehicles sold in the U.S and Canada over the years.

Calendar year Sales in Canada Sales in the U.S. 
2008 1,474
2009 12,375 54,410
201113, 159 38,904
2014 29,991
2018 9

2. Customer Preference 

Another reason Toyota cited why the Venza was discontinued is customer preference. When the model was launched in 2009, it targeted empty nesters who wanted the space and versatility of a minivan without having to carry kids. It was a practical and reliable midsize vehicle meant for boomers who were now exploring their long-awaited freedom. Commercials marketing the Toyota Venza alienated young buyers and focused on the aging boomers.

At the time of release, Toyota Venza competed with other better models, including the Toyota Rav4, and most customers preferred these other models that seemed to fit all generations.

3. Competitiveness Within Its Segment

The Toyota Venza could easily be classified as a wagon or crossover SUV due to its design. According to Toyota, the Venza blends the comfort and styling of a passenger car with the flexibility of an SUV. They state that the Venza is neither an SUV nor a station wagon but is designed for customers who want more room and flexibility than the Camry and smaller than the highlander.

The main competitors of Toyota Venza are the Honda Accord and Nissan Altima, classified as midsize sedans. These vehicles performed better and made more sales than Venza. Most Toyota fanatics also preferred either the Rav4 or Highlander to the Toyota Venza, leaving it to only the selected few.

Is Toyota Bringing Back The Venza?

Yes, Toyota is bringing back the Venza for 2021, having made lots of improvements to the vehicle’s looks and performance. Toyota unveiled the new Venza online on May 18, 2020, as a four-wheel-drive hybrid vehicle. This vehicle is intended to fit between the Rav4 and the highlander and will start selling in august 2020.

The new Toyota Venza is a midsize, two-row crossover offered in the U.s only with a hybrid powertrain that promises a combined fuel efficiency of 40 mpg.

Features Of 2021 Toyota Venza

The new 2021 Toyota Venza comes in three trim levels with great features; all the trims have a 219 horsepower hybrid powertrain, a 2.5L four-cylinder engine, and an all-wheel drive transmission. Let’s look at the highlight features of each trim to give you an idea of what you are getting when you this vehicle.

The vehicle comes in three trims: L.E., XLE, and limited.

Venza L.E.

The Venza LE is the base model that costs $32,470 and comes equipped with standard features that most buyers are content with. Its features include:

1. A power-adjustable driver’s seat

2. Cloth upholstery

3. Push-button start and keyless entry for front doors

4. Dual-zone automatic climate control

5. Wireless device charging 

6. 4.2 multi-information display

7. 6-speaker stereo, satellite radio, an 8-inch touchscreen

8. H.D. radio, Bluetooth, 4 USB port

9. WIFI hotspot, android auto, apple car play

Driver assistant features include blind-spot monitoring, rearview camera, rear cross-traffic alert, pedestrian detection, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, lane keep assist, lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition, and adaptive cruise control.

Venza XLE

The Toyota Venza XLE takes things a notch higher and costs more than the base model. It has a starting MSRP of $36,000. In addition to the features of the Venza L.E., this trim has:

1. Heated front seats

2. Front and rear parking sensors

3. Synthetic leather upholstery

4. Power-adjustable passenger seat

5. Ventilated front seats

6. A heated steering wheel 

7. 12.3-inch touch screen

8. Nine speakers JBL audio system

9. 19-inch alloy wheels

10. Keyless entry for rear doors

11. Auto-dimming mirror with Homelink

12. Projector style LED headlights

Venza limited 

The Toyota Venza limited is designed for those drivers who want next-level luxury. It features:

1. 12.3-inch touchscreen

2. Nine speakers premium JBL audio system

3. Digital rearview mirror

4. Heated and ventilated front seats

5. Ful simulated leather upholstery

6. Power adjustable front passenger seat

7. Heated steering wheel

8. 360-degree camera system

9. Rain-sensing windshield wipers

10. A 10-inch color head-up display

11. Stargaze panoramic roof with glass that switches between frost-tinted and clear.

As you can tell from the features included in the 2021 Venza model, Toyota didn’t come to play this time. They made the vehicle functional, reliable, affordable, and features that will make everyone want to buy one. This vehicle drives exceptionally well and can accelerate from 0-0mph in 7.6 seconds, making it faster than a jeep grand Cherokee. The car is also comfortable and visually appealing for its price. If you’ve considered getting the model, we encourage you to go ahead and take that test drive before you buy.


The Toyota Venza first generation made its debut in 2008 but only lasted until 2015 because it was not what Toyota thought it would be. It seems that Toyota has been working overtime to bring back the vehicle with better value and performance. The 2021 Toyota Venza has been carefully designed to meet the needs of almost every generation.  It has unique and functional features that are well packaged. The car is also affordable compared to its competitors and will sell better than the first model. If you were looking to buy a Toyota Venza, now is the time to get the new model in whichever trim you like.