Itomoro Baby Car Mirror Review

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With the Itomoro Baby Car Mirror, you won’t have to look over your shoulder again. Instead, a camera will broadcast the baby onto a screen on your dashboard. You’ll only need to glance if you want to check on the little one.

Key Takeaways

  • Parents commonly use Itomoro Baby Car Mirror to monitor their children while driving
  • The Itomoro Baby Car Mirror provides a clear, wide-angle view of the baby from the driver’s seat
  • You can attach this mirror to the headrest with an adjustable strap, so you can easily install and uninstall it
  • This car mirror is made of shatterproof acrylic to provide the highest safety to the baby

What Is The Itomoro Baby Car Mirror Review?

What Is The Itomoro Baby Car Mirror

This is a car accessory that helps drivers check the backseat while driving. It’s a combination of a strapped camera and an LCD monitor. The camera attaches to the monitor via a video cable and captures your baby passenger. That way, you’ll always see if they’re still in their car seats or not. 

Kids can be jumpy, and you don’t want that happening in the car without knowing. So, the Itomoro camera fills in that gap. It shows you what moves the baby is making, even their smiles.

I’m sure those cute bubbly faces will make the rides sweeter.

Are There Any Different Variations?


Who Is The Itomoro Baby Car Mirror For?

This product is for new, infant, and toddler parents. If you drive little children along with you, you need extra eyes. And what better way than to use a camera?

How Much Does The Itomoro Baby Car Mirror Cost?

On Amazon, you’ll pay an easy $39.99 for this product, but you can get it at a lower price. Remember that Amazon has all these perks that can reduce costs down to $0.00. Check this snapshot out:

Itomoro Baby Car Mirror Cost

Other Sellers Offer Different Prices. See This:

Amazon WarehouseUsed – Like New$37.99

Once you’re at No products found., get the deal that best fits your budget.

What Are Its Specifications?

Here are the product’s technical details:

Item Weight1.32 pounds
Package Dimensions8.35 by 6.02 by 3.62 inches
Lift TypeManual
Vehicle Service TypeCars
MaterialGlass and Hard Plastic

What Are Its Features?

Now, here’s why you should buy the Itomoro baby car mirror:

1. Safety And Durability 

Vehicle safety is far-reaching, and with this car accessory, you’ll reach far.

This mirror improves your car’s VSI (vehicle safety index). That’s because you won’t have to look over your shoulder to check the baby. Keeping your eyes on the road is crucial, so take this item up. You’ll feel secure, and your baby will.

2. Perfect Camera Vision

Although the camera remains strapped, you can adjust it along a 140-degree angle. That way, you’ll get clear images with no distortion. 

3. Easy Installing

Unlike other mirrors, installing this one is zero-assembly work. Once you’ve strapped the camera on the back seat headrest, the rest is a simple job. You’ll connect the power supply, and the monitor will light up almost immediately. 

4. Stability And Firmness

This mirror doesn’t shake, and neither does it vibrate. No matter how hard your ride is, Ii remains in place. Those bumps and turns won’t push the camera out of shape. So, worry not.


This mirror serves any vehicle type. But ensure that your car’s battery matches the cigarette lighter. That way, you’ll prevent shorting any electronic components of the vehicle. 

How To Use The Itomoro Baby Car Mirror

To install this baby car mirror, follow these steps:

1. Strap The Setup

You need to fix the camera on the headrest of any seat. If the baby seat is in rear-facing mode, you’ll use the headrest of the back seat. If the mode is forward-facing, you’ll use the driver’s headrest or the one next to it.

2. Tilt The Camera

Once the camera is in place, tilt it to the perfect angle. Hold it and move up or down till it covers your baby.

3. Fix The Video Cable

Screw the video cable to the cigarette lighter. That should be easy, as it needs a few seconds of work.

4. Plug The Cigarette Lighter

Your car’s battery is the power source, so you need to plug the lighter. Push the 12-V plug into the slot and push the red button.

5. Light Up The Monitor

Use the button at the center console to power up the LCD monitor.

If you follow all the steps well, your mirror should show the back seat area. Found any trouble? This video shows you the entire installation process, so check it out.


1. It makes driving safer

2. Installation is easy

3. Camera mounts with various headrests

4. Large viewing angle

5. Excellent suction power

6. Good picture quality


1. No night vision

What Buyers Say About This Product

This Itomoro baby car mirror is highly commendable in the review section. For its $39.99 price, it’s an excellent product that gives clear vision during the day. Also, they say that this is the perfect gift for new parents.

At night, however, the mirror doesn’t behave nicely. So, if you’re looking for a mirror that provides excellent night vision, look here.

Final Thoughts

To buy or not to buy? The Itomoro baby car mirror is a top-rated car accessory. If you have little ones and want to move around with them, such an item will come in handy. After the fast installation, you’ll love the broad, unobstructed view.

Now, to answer the question, buy. Your driving experience will improve once you team up with this product.

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